Looking back

Every time we visit, I take pictures. Lots of pictures. Since day 1. I do it because I like to keep track of the changes we've made and keep tabs on the changing seasons. It's fair to say that over the last 5 years, I've compiled a lot of pictures. Last time we were up... Continue Reading →

Time to stop and smell the roses

When it's time to go to or leave from the cabin, we're always on a focussed "let's get there" mission which means we can pretty much bank on a 6 hour long, door-to-door transit.  Because we're not super fond of busy highway driving, we like to travel during non-busy times or days. We'll leave the... Continue Reading →

Winter workout

We really dig this time of year as we're still snowed in where we are. Depending on where you stick the ruler in the snow, we have between 18" - 24". Snow outside = no work outside. Being knee-deep in this dreamy, snow-filled landscape in the woods is really calming and has a tendency to... Continue Reading →

How did I get here?

How in the hell did I end up far from the sea with a yearning desire to learn how to grow a veggie garden? It all started with a little branch. When I was a teenager, I was continually questioning my choices and constantly paralyzed with fear of making wrong decisions. My dad gave me... Continue Reading →

Life Lesson: Fantasy vs Reality

Our small acreage is deep in ranching country. Everywhere you go, there are horse ranches, farms, sheep, cows and cowboys. Living amongst the hard working ranchers and farmers is exciting and inspiring. When I spot a man in town wearing a cowboy hat, I can immediately tell if he's a "working" man by the bow... Continue Reading →

The “thanks” in Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving weekend, there was a good amount of giving and receiving of thanks. For instance, Len would hand me a beer (giving) and I would accept it (receiving). A few highlights of our too-short weekend: 33 piles of poo. Massive. Piles. Of. Poo. That's how many butt bombs we had to navigate around. Dieter... Continue Reading →

Wish my hair grew so fast!

Last time we were at the cabin, we managed to mow the acreage in a couple of days with a little time to spare. This time? Holy crap! I mean it. Holy crap! In less than 30 days, it grew over 2 feet. In addition to us running out of steam by the end of... Continue Reading →

The beer on the Deere out here

I've been depressed. Not 1/2 glass empty depressed: more like a woe-is-me depressed. Work has been sucking up my life pretty consistently since the new year. I'm talking 10 hour days, 6 days a week. Doesn't leave much time to break away for cabin visits. The few times we've managed to get away, it's been for the... Continue Reading →

Tracker D

I really dig investigating animal tracks and scat: perhaps a natural extension of my predilection to treasure hunting. To me, most tracks and scat look very similar making it almost impossible for my untrained eye to be able to positively identify what I’m looking at. For example, out walking with Len once when I spotted... Continue Reading →

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